In-Lab Working Time

Lab Time excludes week-ends, National Holidays, and shipping time

Full Cast Restorations 5 days
Temporary Restorations 5 days
Porcelain Fused to Metal 6 days
Indirect Composite 6 days
All Ceramic Restorations 7 days
Zirconia Abutment 5 days*
Implant Restoration please call (877)HICERAM

Rush cases please contact our lab for fees & availability.

* we carry parts for most of the brands available on the market, however the case may be subject to delay depending on the type of implant system used. Please call the lab to confirm the availability of the parts required.

Remake Policy

All cases manufactured by our laboratories are made under 20x
magnifications and checked on solid models and duplicate dies for
precise fit. They further go through our Quality Control department to
ensure that doctors’ instructions are followed carefully and the fit and
aesthetics adhere to our high standards.

Prior to beginning working on your case we check the impression
for discrepancies. Once the model is poured we follow up with the
phone call if the impression has to be retaken. Shall the doctor agree
to continue working on the case “as is” (often referred to as “do your
best”) the account will be noted and we will proceed accordingly.

Once the work is returned and the case requires a new impression,
the price of remake will be a regular charge + shipping fees.

Shade adjustments are free unless the doctor requires a shade that is
different from the original order in which case the labor fee + shipping
charges will be applied.

Cancelled and Rejected Cases

We understand that a lot of times doctors are subject to non-payment
by patients and other unfortunate circumstances under which
the ordered cases are no longer desired. Maximum courtesy will
be extended to our clients. However, the work in progress can not
be credited at full price. For the cases in production the charge will
appear according to the amount of work completed at the time of
cancellation notification. The costs of materials/parts used such as
Zirconia, Titanium interface, etc. will be applied.


HiCeram Dental Laboratories, Inc. has a warranty for five full years
from the date of invoice for the following products:

• PFMs,
• Zirconia Restorations,
• Implant Restorations

A warranty for one full year from the date of invoice applies to the

• Porcelain Veneers
• Porcelain Inlays/Onlays
• Indirect Composite

Not covered by warranty are the following:

• Temporary restorations
• Non-prep veneers.

Terms of payment

All accounts are payable within 30 days of the statement date.
Accounts 45 or more days past due will be subject to C.O.D. The late
charge of 2% of the unpaid balance will be charged on all past due
balances of 30 days or more.

We honor VISA, MASTERCARD, & AMEX (2% surcharge for AMEX card only) and
Business Checks only. For insufficient funds or bounced check there will be a $35 per
check fee.